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Simplify Business Compliance

The most common meaning of "Compliance" in business term is to staying out of legal trouble with court and government, but we believe that it is only a piece of puzzle. As you grow your business the compliances become more complex.


TTK Enterprises offer help in simplifying these compliances as your business grow. Our compliance strategy will bring many benefits to your growing business;


  • Reduced legal problems
  • Improve operations
  • Better public relations
  • Higher employee retention


Our compliance frame-work for your business will consider


  • Compliance standards imposed by government
  • Compliance with codes of practice or industry standards
  • Compliance with internal & external contracts, external client specifications etc.
  • Compliance with permits, accredition, certificates, or licensing.


Our compliance frame-work must undertake all the necessary factors / components into account, ensuring that your business process tick every box along the way.

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